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Re: I give up!
Mar 16, 2004
Halls - your case sounds a lot like mine. Rather than dizziness i came down with daily headaches along with PND and Ear Pain. My Doctor gave me some antibiotics and that didnt clear it up. Ive never had any problems with my sinuses before and im 37 but after doing some research on the internet i asked my Dr. for a CT scan. Well - i did have nasal polyps and was put on Prednisone and antibiotics for Sinusitis and scheduled for surgery. I had FESS done and felt better but after about 3 months all my symptoms came back. I had another CT scan and my ENT said i was fine but i defninately felt worse than before! Ive been to 2 Neurologists and theyve basically done a physical test and said i have migraines. My GP doesnt really know either. My ENT said the surgery was succesful so I absolutely understand your frustration with all the doctors. I even went to visit a specialist at Stanford University and he gave my sinuses a clean bill of health. After complaining to my ENT i was referred to an Allergist who put me on another round of antibiotics and that didnt work. I did take a skin test and came up very positive on a number of things like trees, animals, dust, etc. Ive dedided to take allergy shots and have been on them for a month now and hope this is the cure that will get me back to normal . It does seem like its all related - the upper respiratory issues, Sinus issues and Allergy. I read "Treating Sinus, Migraine, and Cluster Headaches - An allergists approach to headache treatment" by William E. Walsh. His whole premise is that allergies cause inflammation whether in the Lungs (Asthma) nose, eyes or throat in the nerves in the head that cause headaches. So hang in there and try anything that you can - we can only hope for the best but don't get frustrated along the way - you are definately the one who is most interested in finding the right treatment and you have to be adamant with the Dr's since only you know how you feel.

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