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Latex Allergy?
Mar 18, 2004
I have recently developed a most aggravating itch from my neck down. I have 3 avenues of investigation/fact.

1. Twice in my life (I am 66) I developed “erthyema nodosum” (diagnosed and treated) and have in January developed a textbook case on my tibia – self diagnosed. I keep hoping it will go away, but I may have to go to a doctor. I am torn between my GP and my dermatologist who has treated me for rosacea/exema/dandruff, etc., with Nizoral, Metrogel, doxycycline for 2 months, and Renova. I discontinued all but the Metrogel because of possible side effects.

2. I have what I think is a fungal infection which I get frequently. I am overweight and often get this under my breasts and abdomen. I normally treat topically with an anti-fungal ointment.

3. I have recently developed a most maddening itch which wakes me at night. I can only compare it to poison ivy (to which I developed an allergy in my 40’s even though I am a “country girl”) in that the urge to scratch even though it can cause bleeding, and the “exquisite pain” from the scratching and from extremely hot showers are counterproductive, the compulsion is nearly unbearable.

The scratching on my lefts, wrists, lower arms, underarms, lower back, neck is driving me bonkers. I have mentally considered many possibilities for a sensitivity and the one that appears to me to be the most viable is a latex allergy. We recently got “mattress toppers” made of 2-3 inch memory foam and put them on our mattresses with good mattress covers. These are the only different additions to my life which make sense to me to be causative.

I would like any readers who might have insight/advice/suggestions to weigh in on the possibilities. I fear that my only recourse may be a round of prednisone (which I really hate to take) and of course getting rid of the mattress topper – if that is indeed the logical culprit.

Thanks for your attention to this rather long post. (I attempted one a few minutes ago, but it disappeared even though I did not “send” it.) So if this is the second one today, I apologize in advance for it.


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