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I have symptoms so similar to yours that I wondered at first if I had written the post! My best season is May-September too.

I have been chronically ill for about 6 years now, and currently have 5 doctors trying to figure out what's up, but they're all stumped! They've done just about every test under the sun. As a last resort they gave me antihistamines to try and they helped!

I'm pretty sure now that it's a food allergy, so I radically changed my diet and I'm actually about 90% better! I'm being tested for food allergies tomorrow.

Talk to your Doctor and see what he/she thinks. I settled for far too long with Doctors telling me "Just go home, drink fluids and rest."

[QUOTE=batesS]I have these symptoms off and on for over 3 years now:
I wake up with a stuffy nose and a minor sore throat every day, during the day I have a throat foul of mucus. I find myself always snorting and sniffing like nuts. At times I expel a small mucus plug which smells really foul. It's mostly yellow/orange color and very sticky. I have noticed that it becomes bloody or crusty at certain times: cold air, when I am in a room where there is airco(planes-trains)...If I stay too long in a room where the heat is on and there is no humidfication, the next day it will be really bloody. It's not constant, just once a day or sometimes it just disappears. When the weather changes(warmer) the daily mucus plug disappears. Let's say I am fine from may to september. Then it starts all over again. It's like it sits there somewhere and if I wouldn't snort it out it won't come out.
A sinus/head scan and blood test was ordered and everything came back normal, except for an elevated thyroid leverl. I do have very high blood pressure at certain times and take off and on medication for this.
My doc thinks it's some kind of allergy. Does it sound like one?
Does the excessive plegm(clear) has something to do with it? I have no cough except after eating or drinking I feel the mucus dripping into my lungs, which makes me coughing then.

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