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My daughter is six and has allergic asthma. She is currently on Advair,Singulair, Patanol(as needed for her eyes), and Pediox(as needed for runny nose and headaches) but in the past few days it has been obvious that the meds are not as effective as they have been previously. Her doctor told me that at any time he would be happy to get her started on allergy shots. All I had to do was say the word. My questions are.............

Do they have to do more allergy testing before beginning the shots? She previously had about 24 done on her arm and was allergic to approximately half of them.

Are the shots the most effective treatment? Her doc tells me they are but I am asking for YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with shots.

How often do you get shots? Is there a standard or does it depend?

Are the shots done at the doc's office or do you administer them yourself?

Also if you have any pro's or con's that might help me in making this decision. My daughter is TERRIFIED of needles. She has gotten so many antibiotic shots for pneumonia and bronchitis and she screams and cries and makes herself sick every time. It is heartbreaking. I want to do the best thing for her but I don't want to traumatize her either.

Right now she is coughing, sneezing, and her eyes are bothering her. She has also been having headaches and her eyes were all gunky this morning. I am afraid we need to really consider shots........

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