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Hi. I have allergies to cats, dust, mold, pollen, etc. I have dogs of my own, and I foster rescue dogs. I can tell you that I'm not allergic to dogs, but the dogs can get allergens trapped in their fur which may be bothersome, i.e., pollen, cat dander, etc., or even dust. So, seeing that everything has been fine so far, it looks like if she does start to have a reaction, it may be due to something trapped in the dog's fur. I try to bathe my dogs regularly. Not only does it help my allergies, but dogs really do hate when their fur is dirty. I had a rescue dog come in who I'd gotten hives from, which is unusual for me. This dog had been on the lose and roaming through fields. Once I bathed him everything was fine, although he did need two baths in a row! Ha ha. There was also a dog who had previously lived with a cat, and the dog made me sneeze until he had his bath. I use regular dog shampoo or baby shampoo - nothing too perfumey. If you have to use a flea and tick shampoo, it's best to wash the dog a day or two later with the dog or baby shampoo, as the flea and tick formulas are strong. They make the dog itch, and then any dust or dander flies around when the dog scratches. So, for the fleas and ticks, it's best to stay away from the shampoo solutions and just use one of the topical, one drop once-a-month applications. I use Front Line.

I hope this helps.

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