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[QUOTE=Wendy983]I am on flonse and helps somewhat. How I found you was before even becoming a member, I saw your post and others about the up side down flooding and I felt like my infection was coming back ( you can just feel your eye or eyes start to have sharp pain and dull pain in my upper face) so I tryed it and the sharp pain did go away ( I did it 3 times the first day and once the second) but my question is yes it got rid of the sharp pain but it made me miserable ( super super stuffed) so I didn't do it again.[/QUOTE]

Sounds like your sinuses are really sensitive. That was very brave of you, to do it three times, and then once again the next day. Why did you do more than one flooding? Why did you do it the next day?

Did that sharp pain go away after the first flooding? How long ago did you do the floodings? It is significant that the pain went away, but that is such a small improvement. You are still in misery.

Hydrogen peroxide is VERY irritating to sensitive sinuses and nasal membranes. If you decide to do it again, you might consider cutting the amount of peroxide that you use in half, and only doing one flooding. How long did you stay down? How long were your sinuses flooded? I would imagine that, with your level of discomfort, you could not stay down very long at all. It may be possible to find a small amount of peroxide that doesn't cause your sinsuses to get worse, but still get the anti-infective help. Did you use sea salt or kosher salt? Regular salt can really sting the sinuses.

I am so sorry that you are in such misery, and I apologize that the flooding made you super stuffed up. For some, like myself, it has really worked great.

[QUOTE]It seems like everyone who did it got real stuffy and I really live with that all the time. It felt a real bad head cold. So I didn't do it again,[/QUOTE]

I don't blame you for not doing it again. The first time I did a flooding, I used too much. I had no idea of how much peroxide to use, so I used too much. It stuffed me up badly for three full days, and made me miserable. Since I was miserable to begin with, it was really depressing because I thought that I had just made myself worse. But, after three days, my symptoms improved dramatically, for the first time in a long time.

Did you do all three threatments back to back, or did you just do the first treatment and wait.

I am wondering what would have happened to you, if you had just done one flooding?

[QUOTE] today the Dr had me go get a CT scan so I will let you know what he says at the end of week.[/QUOTE]

Ask him for a copy of the report from the radiologist. It should not cost you anything for the copy.

[QUOTE]My back of my neck hurts all the time too, same side as the pain in my eye and face. This is sooo hard to deal with all the time, tell me more about the floodings. I did just how you said, I know I needed to do it more but the head cold feeling was almost just as bad as the pain is right now. I have to tell I am on Flonse and I have Zyrtex and have been on every drug out there and they really don't work much. Zyrtex has helped alittle but I still get infections.[/QUOTE]

If the anti-infective mixture can get to the source of the infection, it may be able to kill the infection, and it may be able to get rid of infection within the junk within the sinuses. It may be good to do both antibiotic treatment and the floodings during the same time period.

Something else that has helped me is as follows:

I have given myself electro-acupuncture treatments for congested, swelled sinuses. I have also tried using a heating pad, instead of the electro-pads. While the heating pads have helped me, the electro-pads are much more effective. If I get a little stuffy, I use the heating pads because it is simpler and easier to use. It helps me.

Here is what I do with a heating pad.

There are major sinus areas, on my body, and I want to stimulate each area for 10 minutes. I do this three times, so each area gets stimulated by the heating pad for a total of 30 minutes. I've done this, at most, twice a day. For me, it does not do anything for my sinuses until the next morning.

Here is what I do:

I cover the top of my head, including about one inch down my forehead, with a heating pad. I keep it there for 10 minutes.

I then cover the back of my head, down to the base of my neck with a heating pad. I keep it there for 10 minutes.

I then repeat this two more times.

Since I am still experimenting with this, and I seldom have sinus problems anymore, I don't know if I should increase the number of times, or sessions, and I don't know if this would help anyone else or not. It seems to work for me, but I do not have significant sinus problems.

Please let me know how it goes with the ENT/CT. I really feel bad for your misery. What do you think about the heating pad treatment?

There are other causes of sinus misery. Anything that you eat, drink, touch, breath, or any odor, or anything that touches your skin can cause, or add to your sinus misery. Dusts, molds, rugs, inks, paper, dyes, pollens, pollutants, chemicals, smoke, perfumes, clothing, automobile exhausts, animal dander, plants, ...... almost anything can cause sinus misery.

Would it make any sense to you to discuss the type of foods that you eat, what you drink, your home environment, your outside environment, your work environment, .......?

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