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[QUOTE=spreeville]My doc recently told me that my chronic sinusitis and chronic ear infections/fluid build-up are caused by allergies. These sinus and ear problems are so severe that I cannot function sometimes because I am in constant pain. I have found no relief from anything I've taken. What kind of allergies could be causing such a bad problem?[/QUOTE]

Your in the same boat I am.
It's called Eustachian Tube Dysfunction(it's a form of Reactive Airway Disease, in it's own way) & it means your eustachian tube(the tube that connects your ears, nose & throat, it allows all 3 parts to drain) swells up at the exposure to allergens. I was recently tested & found allergic to several environmental things. Basically you breathe in the allergen, it goes up into your nose, through your sinuses & keeps swelling all the way up(& down) the ET. So far nasal steroid sprays & antihistamines have given me some relief, enough to get through the days. Colds & other sicknesses are a nightmare. Throat infections have been life threatening b/c my throat is already so swollen on a normal basis & prone 2 swelling up shut. When you have fluid in your ears/sinusitus, that means the ET has been swollen shut for so long the fluid can't drain. Therefore it just sits in your ears or sinuses & swells even mroe & bacteria thrives off of the closed off space.
You can have ear tubes put in to act as another ET or try a prednisone burst to see if that can bring the inflammation down. Don't worry there's plenty of others out there with your problem..I would see an ENT or an allergist if possible, preferably an allergist first to find out what you are allergic to, then an ENT to assess the structural problems. Good luck.

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