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[QUOTE=chiggins1066]I'm not sure steroid nasal sprays will do anything for your ETD. I would talk to an ENT about this in detail, and see what she recommends.

Be careful with the Prednisone! I have to take this twice recently for a sinus condition, and I'm now having carpel tunnel syndrome-like symptoms, pain in my lower legs, and acne. There are a lot of nasty side-effects, so unless there is a compelling reason to take the drug, I would stay away from it.[/QUOTE]

Their supposed to keep open the ET, I guess they can reach up there from your nose..or that's what I've been told. I don't know about seeing an's so hard 2 see a specialist with my insurance, plus i've already gone through an allergist & pulmonologist, neither has seemed very concerned about the ETD but the allergist told me I had fluid in my ears..which I read up & found out that happens when the ET has been completley closed for a while(!!!!). To me that raises a little concern that there isn't enough being done for my ears have been killing me these past few days as the allergy season begins & i'm wondering what happens if I don't get this fluid & ETD taken care of..maybe i'm just paranoid..I don't know I will give this a few more days & if they don't stop hurting i'll call back the allergist & see what he thinks.
I have only taken prednisone for nasty asthma flare ups, only in bursts & only when I drop into my red zone of peak flows..I HATE the stuff..but if I want 2 stay alive, sometimes it's necessary.

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