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[QUOTE=Halls]Yes, he did show me the Ctscans and went over them w/me and even showed me what was the problem.

I think at this point I will contact the other ENT and tell him I want to see him for a second opinion and go the Neurologist as well. If things don't look like they are going to get anywhere w/this other ENT I will go through the sinuscare referral.

I have stopped irrigating as much as I have. Every time i irrigate it actually makes me more dizzy. I have no idea why. I did it earlier and now I am more dizzy. So, whatever is going on it is in my sinus passages I am convinced. I'm sure the Neurologist will tell me that and I won't be surprised.


I don't know if my situation can help you shed light on yours but here goes..
I saw an allergist yesterday who saw fluid in my inner ears..and I learned something kind of important about how well i'm treating my Eustachian Tube isn't enough. What happened was it has been clogged & swollen for so long(2 years!) that the fluid has accumulated in my inner ear & that can make some people very dizzy. Do your ears ever bother you, in conjunction with congestion? Or even if you don't feel the congestion(you may just be used to having a lot & don't notice a moderate amount), & your ears hurt? Do you have frequent ear infections, or have you had one in the past few years? If so i'd say it's worth giving ear tubes a shot..but talk to your ENT..i'm just discovering why my Flonase isn't helping my ears 100%..I have fluid stuck in my ears & if it's not gone in 2 months when I follow up with my allergist i'm asking for ear tubes cuz this has gone on way 2 long. Ear tubes are basically a second set of eustachian tubes..they do the draining of the sinuses, ear & throat & they wont get swollen or clogged up. Hope you find some relief already! =)

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