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I live in Texas so that doesn't work.

I had no idea that my ENT should remove scar tissue. Geez!

I did take one round of antibiotics, but it was only for a week after my surgery. I think I told you this before but apparantly he was suppose to give me steroids as well along w/the antibiotics, but forgot. I ended up taking it about 3 weeks after my surgery instead. It did help w/opening up me a bit, but i honestly didn't feel like it helped in my ethnoid area which is one of the places i had surgery on. I still feel like my ethnoids are stil infmlamed which is putting pressure on the inner ear. SO, yes I do agree w/you that this is caused my sinus problem's, nothing else. I just wish I had a competant doc.

I have a feeling that the Neurologist is going to tell me after a MRI and another CTscan that his is ENT related. I can see it now! And if that is the case I will go to another ENT.

Here a question for you. MY ENT doc's partner is really the doctor I wanted to see originally as he did my dad's surgery and is really good. I also know him personally as well. I would like to see him instead of my ENT, but they share a office. DO you think this is going to be a conflict? I don't see how if I make no big deal out of it. They usually aren't even in the office that much together as one is out doing surgery and in there other office while the other one is in the office i go to. What you think?


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