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Hello folks

Wanted to see if I could get some feedback off all you allergy sufferers.
I have been having a feeling of pressure in head (2 weeks), pain at back of head, sinus pain, my left ear has pressure feeling off and on, continually have always cleared my throat , and often get a "popping" sound in my nose???. Before that I had a head cold and was on antibiotics for a week

My GP says that I do have a deviated septum.

I dont know if this could be allergies or something else. Very tired also and feel a bit out of it off and on throughout the day. The one thing that has been odd is the neck pain on left side and also radiating up to the ear. My jaws are also sore.

Any idea before I go back to docs???? I have never been tested for allergies . I noticed 2 weeks ago upon wakening one morning that I had 5 or 6 bites (insect) on my back?? Maybe mites, but when ever I do get bit with anything I swell up quickly. I live in Toronto Canada.
Thanks for commenting...

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