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Respiratory problems are more than common in our society today. It is estimated that at any one time, over a third of our population has had a cold or flu within the last two weeks. A "cold" is usually an attempt by the body to cleanse itself of a waste overload, toxins and bacteria that have built up to a point where natural defenses cannot cope with or overcome them. So the wonderful, complex immune system opens up, drains the body of excess mucous accumulation and bacterial colonies through coughing, runny nose, sneezing, diarrhea, etc., and begins to rebuild a stronger, cleaner system. The glands are always affected, and as the endocrine system is on a six day cycle, a normal "cold" usually runs for about a week as the body works through its detoxification process.

Therefore, the cure is not really the problem in a cold or flu infection, the cause is. Chronic respiratory diseases stem from several areas of environment and lifestyle problems, but poor diet is the single most influential source. The person who suffers frequently from sinus headaches, bronchitis, chronic colds, flu, sore throat and cough, is invariably a person who eats many acid and mucous forming foods, such as red meats, caffeine containing foods, salty, sugary, starchy foods, pasteurized, full-fat dairy products and refined foods, with few fresh fruits and vegetables. This way of eating causes too much mucous to be formed in the system, allowing tissue congestion. Not only is the body full of more mucous than it needs, the excess is often filled with toxic impurities and unreleased wastes from preservatives, chemical additives, pesticide residues, etc., a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses.

Allergy reactions are also increasing in our lives, as environmental toxins, acid rain, a depleted ozone layer, chemically treated foods, radiation levels, more antibiotic and prescription drug use, and stress affect and lower immune strength. Most of these allergens produce respiratory clogging and congestion as the body tries to seal them off from its regular processes, or tries to work around them. Extra mucous is formed as a shield around these substances, and we get the allergy symptoms of sinus clog, stuffiness, hayfever, headaches, and red, puffy eyes. Or the body tries to throw the congestion off through the skin, causing skin rashes and irritation, fever blisters, abscesses and scratchy cough.

Drugs and over-the-counter medicines only relieve the symptoms of infection. They do not cure it, and often make the situation worse by depressing the immune system, and drying up necessary mucous elimination, thus keeping the harmful bacteria, virus, or allergens inside the body.

A short liquid mucous elimination fast, diet change, and supplementation with herbs are the most beneficial and quickest means of controlling allergies and overcoming chronic respiratory problems.

Herbal combinations can work simultaneously, or following, a mucous cleansing diet. They can neutralize allergens, increase oxygen uptake in the lungs and tissues, encourage adrenal gland function, and allow better sleep and activity while work on the underlying causes is taking place.

Combinations in this section for respiratory support and allergy control are effective in the following circumstances and conditions:
*Asthma*Colds*Flu*Bronchitis*Sinusitis*Hayfever & Pollen Alleries*Sore Throat*Tonsillitis*Emphysema and Smoking Diseases*Chronic Cough*Taste and Smell Loss*adrenal Exhaustion*Chronic Headaches*Ear Infections*

Areas of emphasis to be considered:
1) herbs to aid and support mucous cleansing,
2) herbs to aid in allergy control,
3) herbs to rebuild respiratory strength.

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