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I have had a sore throat for over 2 months, but what is more bothersome is a sore, raw tongue all time. I went to my doctor today and he has determined that this is an allergy and put me on Allegra. Has anyone here heard of these symptoms as being allergies? I thought it was odd, but will try the medicine to see if the tongue will quit feeling so bad. One thing that has been weird is that the only time I could get relief from the painful tongue was when I would eat certain foods and even then I would only get relief for a minute or so. Thanks for any replies.
Hi C,

I have been having the same problem, for the exact same length of time. I have been to the internist 3 times, and the ear, nose and throat once and they all say the same thing...sinus drainage.

I was given a steriod shot for the throat inflammation, which is causing pressure on the nerves of the mouth (hence the sore tongue). Also antibiotics and sinus medication to stop/dry up the drainage.

I also I use Ricola Original Cough Drops and drink hot herbal/mint tea, laced with 2 drops of lemon and 1 drop of lavender essential oils for antibacterial/healing purposes.

I hope this helps, and you feel better soon!
Thanks for your reply. After I wrote my original post, I started thinking back to 2 months ago and tried to figure out what could be different enough to cause this problem. My wife told me that we had a big bowl of pistachio nuts out and noticed that I would eat a few every day when I got home from work. The bowl was put out about 2 months ago and was finally emptied a few days ago. I have noticed that my tongue is not nearly as sore and my throat has improved quite dramatically today. Maybe I am allergic to nuts. I am going to stay away from them for a couple of weeks and then eat some for a few days and see if this is the problem. I hope it is. I will also try your tea and cough drop suggestions. Thanks again and I hope you get better too.
I have had a sore throat for about 3 weeks. Took antibiotics, then the sore throat went away, but now I have a bit of an ear ache. Plus one little white spot on my throat for about 5 days. I am assuming that this is a new allergy being that I recently moved to California from Kentucky...much more in bloom here, especially for this time of year. anyone have any opinions? I am starting to freak myself out....
What causes painful tip of the tongue--how does an allergy cause this--and how do I treat it? :confused:
Hi Trucky,
I had a sore tongue and mouth for about 3 months, and did a lot of searching to try & figure out the problem. A tip of tongue that is sore could be a B vitamin deficency, or anemia. You should check with your doctor to rule that out. Also found in my research that women after menopause sometimes develop something called burning mouth syndrome. Still not sure what caused mine, but seems to be related to my sulfite allergy. But see your doctor if this is an ongoing problem. Sometimes even a dentist is better, as they see a lot more mouths than anyone. Good luck to all.

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