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I am allergic in many ways so here goes my different reactions..
Skinwise, it'll start off as a little itch, progressing to a nonstop itch, and a full out rash that's red, swollen and bumpy. Then it'll become oozy and weepy and crust up and fall off if I don't take care of it. That's one of the kind of rashes I get. I get lesions on my scalp, more like clumps of built up (sorry for being so gross) dead scaly skin, that if I scratch, is oozy, weepy and bloody. I often have dandruff if I don't take care of my allergies. So it's all seboirheic dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis. I take care of all this several ways, environmental controls, tanning(UV light & sun), plenty of Cetaphil lotion everyday. Medicationwise I've got a lot..steroid creams, start at the bottom with OTC cortizone, then if that doesn't help Cutivate, if that don't help Psorcon. I also use Capex shampoo when needed to control my scalp problems with Cormax oil at nite. I take Clarinex daily to prevent flare ups, Benadryl at nite if needed in addition.
Chestwise, i'll start coughing a lot and feel short of breath. If it gets worse, my chest'll hurt and it usually triggers pleurisy. When things are REALLY bad, i'll wheeze on exhalation AND inhalation and have rales and rhonchi. I take Advair 250/50(100 or 500 depending also on how well i'm doing) for my asthma, along with Singulair for flare ups and Albuterol and/or Xopenex for acute attacks.
Otherwise, I also have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction which is allergy triggered and that makes the tube swell up. My ears hurt & feel pressured, my sinuses get swollen & hurt & pressured & my throat swells up and gets sore. My nose gets really runny and I sneeze. My eyes water & itch & my nose and throat feel itchy. I'll get a headache also, usually from my ears/sinuses. I take Flonase nasal spray, Clarinex for this also and Sudafed as needed.
Whew! That's a lot! I'm a really sensitive person lol. So there's all my problems!

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