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I mostly just have trouble breathing when I encounter something I'm allergic to. It feels like my throat is closing up. Usually wheezing accompanies it. Sometimes exertion in cool air will set it off but not very often. I have been reacting to my allergy shots lately, so much so that we have had to discontinue them for a while. My doctor just doesn't like me having anaphylactic symptoms in his office for some strange reason. :) Sounds a lot like asthma, but with an allergic trigger. However, my lung capacity is above normal when they do whatever that pulmonary function test is called. For 30 something years they have made very sure they don't label it as asthma even thought I have had to use asthma meds such as theodur, a nebulizer, advair and singulair. I think the big difference is the lung capacity.

I was diagnosed after having frequent bronchitis, and they were afraid it might be cystic fibrosis because they had to hand me over the bed to get my lungs clear. Fortunately it is just severe allergies and reactive airway. Does that help at all?

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