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Do you get bad cramps monthly? Irregular periods? Any signs of a hormonal imbalance?
I used to get cold sores EVERY MONTH around the time of my period & what stopped them was going on the pill. I read it as a tip off from some farmers medicine website that the imbalance of the hormone prostaglandin can cause cold sores in woman.
And about the cold sores vs allergy part. Well let's pick that apart. Cold sores are the product of something triggering the virus, the HSV-2 virus lies dormant in the deep nerve endings until something triggers it. Common triggers are sunlight/sunburn, spicy foods, stress, getting your period, the use of corticosteroids, sickness, etc. Basically anything that lowers your immune system can cause a cold sore, hence the name, cold sore. Now let's look at allergies.. allergies are caused from the overreaction of the immune system which can be triggered by just about everything. Eczema is an overreaction of the immune system, and it usually starts off as itchy, then bumpy, then rough feeling(like sandpaper), then swells, and then feels funny when you itch it. So cold sores have nothing to do with allergies whatsoever, sorry.
My mom's done this before, but what you did by using the steroid cream was just about the worst thing you could do for it. Your harvesting a virus by lowering your immune system response. With cold sores you should be trying to INCREASE your immune levels by drinking lots of OJ, taking vitamin C & lysine supplements, and possibly using an antiviral cream or pill(if you can tolerate it). If you are prone to cold sores, you should consider going on the pill or taking immune system supplements. Some helpful treatments while having a cold sore is to split a Vitamin E capsule & put it on the cold sore several times a day, use an antiviral cream(HIGHLY recommend Denavir), use a burst of oral Valtrex, drink tons of OJ, etc. Some tips for preventing cold sores.. know your triggers. If you do ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all that could cause a cold sore(tanning, prolonged sun exposure, illness, etc), put the antiviral cream all over your lips & nose. No it won't hurt you to take it as a precautionary measure.
Generally, eczema doesn't cause "painful, burning, itching" that cold sores do. You can tell by looking at the cold sores the difference, cold sores will have like clear bubbles almost that crust up and fall off, eczema doesn't crust up really, it just oozes & weeps, then dries and is like peeling off a layer of skin.
So my point is, it's not an allergy from what it sounds like. Your doctor is right.. the antiviral cream won't do 2 much if you start it AFTER the cold sore has erupted, maybe shorten if by a month or 2. Believe me.. I have had cold sores and eczema all my life & the 2 are very, very distinct conditions which are treated in 2 completely separate ways. And whatever you do, don't use the steroid cream again unless you want an entire face full of cold sores..
BTW.. are your glands swollen at all?

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