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I have been through many tests, xrays, ultra sounds, I have to drink that milk shake stuff and take an mri of my stomach cause at first I had such pain and did not know why. The only cure for me is avoidance of dairy. I have had it since I was 19 and I am now 27. My friend works for a company that does food allergy testing, I am going to look into that. My doctor has told me she sees men and women come in for lactose intolerance around their 20's cause our bodies are changing at that time.We watch my diet and it only happens with the dairy, beef, and pork. It is very frustrating. I cannot have dairy at all. But the yogurt, anything fat free dairy product,lactose free products. You can control it, the stomach pains are not worth it to me so I stay away from heavy dairy. I started attending a health club, and the nutritionist told me to take either papaya and pinapple supplement or the real fruit you can get it at the grocery store or GNC. These aid in digestion. If I stay complely away from the dairy I don't get the pain, its a change in life style. I found myself drinking lactose free milk, yogurt, egg beaters. Look up fruitful, they sometimes have events were you can take any food allergy test. Oh also watch out for hot chocolate, whip creme not a good thing! My old boss was intollerent in her 20's and she said in her late 30's she can now have dairy.

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