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For three weeks now, I hear a crack/pop sound when I swallow and some ringing when it's quiet in bed, etc. THree weeks ago, I went to the mountains here in NC for a day trip, no ear problems (I fly, go to mountains often). The next day, I noticed slight pain in my right ear when I 'flexed' the inside of it, or stuck my finger in and created any suction. Thought it would go away.
Next day I noticed loud crack when I swallowed. Very irritating, I can't sleep and I'm thinking I'm doomed to this the rest of my life. THe original pain went away. THen next day, left ear started hurting, aching. Doc gave Sudafed and Rhinocort, said there was fluid in my ears. No good. Then another doc gave prescrip pseudoph/guisafe, Rhincort, then started me on Prednisone for 10 days. Had terrible left ear ache that went away. Still clicking. Doesn't click when i close both ears, or put pillows over them to sleep, or when I eat.
Went to ENT, he said he saw no fluid and would be happy to put tubes in my ears to open them up and let the Eustachian tubes return to normal - that he does this type of thing for lots of adults. I said I'd wait, he said to blow into my ears holding my nose several times a day and come back to see him.

I don't have any allergies normally - like runny nose, sinus issues, etc. I do remember blowing my nose one morning after the shower the previous week before the mounatins and there was a little blood from my right side. I have had a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic years ago, but nothing inhalant or food that I know of. I had burning eyes one day, sneezing one day, stuff like that...but randomly

SO (thanks for reading this far) - I"m thinking to get the tubes put in after a couple mroe weeks, and getting tested for allergies.

Could allergies cause your eustachian tube only to close shut?

Did the mountains have anythign to do with it?

How LONG will this clicking go on? And ringing? Will tubes help it?

Any info would be TERRIFIC!!! I am losing my mind over here with this clicking crap----
My ETD is almost exclusively caused by allergies, a high pollen count day in ragweed or grass leaves me dizzy & crying from my ears/sinuses/throat. It gets so bad my throat will swell up shut. I have asthma 2 so my doctor refers to it as a "reactive airway", meaning all of my airways are reactive, as they all are connected. Not too long after my ETD symptoms started, my asthma symptoms started.
The allergy medicine takes a while to work, about a week it's taken me each time i've had to start it up again. I take Clarinex & Flonase for my ears, also have you tried Sudafed Severe Congestion(the kind in the red & white box, tiny little red pills).. it's extremely effective in relieving the swelling & pain for me when combined with the other 2 meds. I've tried several decongestants, OTC and prescription & this stuff is truly the best. It may take a few days/doses to see a difference but it is ok to take daily if you need it, or so my doctor tells me!
Have you also considered a sinus infection? Sounds like it could be that also.. maybe you should try a round of antibiotics. I know severe congestion in my ears but only a slight increase of sinus sypmtoms means a sinus infection/ear infection.
I haven't had tubes yet, it's probably in my future though as I have fluid in my ears pretty much all the time. Careful about that.. fluid & infections can lead to debilatating dizziness/nausea.. something you def want to get controlled.
I would ask your doctor if you could to do a sinus CT scan & try a round of antibiotics before going for surgery to make sure it is your ears!
That's my 2 cents =)

Oh.. wanted to add about the clicking.. for me it comes & goes as my allergies fluctuate. Sometimes the clicking goes on for days for no end, sometimes it stops after an hour.

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