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Cicka: I'm surprised U haven't had a E-tube test 1st. Normally that's always done 1st
before ENT will test further. Different equip. @ ofc's, but it's a plug put in 1 ear @ a
time. Tech then pushes button & a print-out is recorded as the plug tightens air-tight
then other ear is done. Maybe 1 min. ea. ear. It's called Tympanogram. I think maybe
there's a mix up in communication w/ Dr? ENG is expensive & done later to rule out
certain problems but not foolproof. ETD is a generic word for any tube inflammation.
The openings are in back of throat & go over to middle ear. If these swell from drainage or sore throat, U have ETD. It's like a straw that narrows then the lining
stops flowing correctly. Dizzy is inner-ear. Allergies always have ETD. Fullness isn't
always fluid. Sometimes it's trapped air. If chronic, ask ENT for a sinus CT Scan to
rule out infection. Get a new Dr. if U don't feel heard.

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