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This message is in response to Cut-Throats claim of the load of ka-ka and lack of real science in my posting.

Posting messages to help others in their suffering and to hopefully lead an individual towards the success that my family has enjoyed was the reason I started posting messages on health boards. Responses like the one I received from Cut-Throat is the reason why I was hesitant to share what we had learned for so many years now; however the successes that have come (especially for the suffering children and their grateful parents) has made up for any negativity received.

American Heritage Dictionary defines science as: 1. the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena. 5. any activity that appears torequire study and method. 6. knowledge, especially knowledge gained through experience.

The load of kaka for which you speak has scientifically been proven 3x's over in my 3 nieces who inherited eczema (skin flareups of an allergic reaction due to an overactive immune system). Two of them suffered severe (total body) eczema flareups in their infancy and have been eczema free for 5 and 3 years now, because we addressed the overactivity in their immune system with good nutrition. We focused on restoring a healthy balance to their immune system by introducing a diet rich in vegetables that contained beta carotene/vitamin A. We achieved this success without the use of eczema medications. We identified the allergens that were overwhelming their systems, removed them from their environment, found an all natural, vitamin/mineral enriched skin care system (baby wash, shampoo, lotion) to address their sensitive skin care needs, and addressed their immune health (restoring balance) with good nutrition. By addressing all three areas, internal, external, and foreign (allergen culprit), the healing began immediately and has endured to this present day - five years later.

My nieces' physician/Pediatrician (a medical scientist), who had [U]identified[/U] their disease as inherited eczema, observed the success, wrote a [U]description[/U] of what was [U]observed[/U] (recorded the real scientific evidence that stood eczema free before him - my niece); and finally, the real medical doctor told us to keep doing what we were doing because the science behind it had proven to be successful. (definition 1. of science)

We were well aware of the description of an overactive immune system regarding eczema allergies due to our 30+ years of experience with our Mother's suffering; and her torturous years of prescription medications that only produced short term relief and long term suffering. When our nieces were born and diagnosed with eczema, we decided to research the disease for ourselves and put to the test what we knew had not been addressed in our mother's case, her nutrition.

My mother never drank water (only soft drinks). Her diet was equally poor (filled with foods high in saturated fats and synthetic sugars and low in vitamin enriched fruits and vegetables). We knew that an improper diet was playing a significant role in my mother's eczema skin; but couldn't figure out why her dermatologist had never addressed the issue.

We studied to find out the reason for the overactivity in the immune system. We found that the immune system was being overwhelmed by allergens (bacteria/toxins) resulting in the production of an abundance of histamine release to counter the bacteria/toxins; thus an contributing to an overactive immune response. We found that foods high in saturated fats and synthetic sugars cause havoc to the immune system. We found that beta carotene/vitamin A boosts immune health. We found that water is essential to the proper functioning of every organ in the human body. We found that water, not only hydrates dehydrated skin; but that it flushes harmful bacteria/toxins from the blood stream. We found that fruit and vegetable, not only provide the necessary vitamins for the body's good health; but that they also absorb toxins in the body and promote their proper elimination through regular bowel movements. My mother confirmed this real science through eczema flareups due to the fact that she was water deprived, vitamin deficient through a lack of fruit and vegetable intake, constantly constipated, and was placing in her body the very things that worked against a healthy immune system (soft drinks, junk foods).

From those real scientific observations, we came up with the solution or method of treatment regarding our nieces that has proven to be successful for five years now. The [U]knowledge[/U] that we gained through [U]experience[/U] has resulted in a [U]method[/U] of healing brought about by a more in depth study of what is meant by an overactive immune system. (Real science definitions 5 & 6.

This is indeed real science; as has been documented by the real medical scientist observing this case. Whether you agree with the findings of this science is the real issue. It is real science that water is essential to the proper functioning of every organ in the human body. It is real science that fruits and vegetables are natural sources of the nutrients needed for the good health of the human body. It is real science that an overactive immune system is an immune sytem overwhelmed by allergens. It is real science that the body contains good and bad bacteria (fighters). It is real science that an overactive immune system is an out of balance immune system. It is real science that balance can be restored to the immune system - my nieces' are living proof of that scientific fact. It is real science that if you place deisel fuel in the unleaded gas tank of a car, that car will break down. Why then is it so hard to believe that water, fruit, and vegetable play no significant role on the good health of the immune system.

The purpose of the message was to help, not to harm. My hope was that others would learn from our success in the treatment of allergens and how to address an overactive immune system (overwhelmed by allergens). The beauty of choice is that you can either dismiss this as kaka or learn from it. In either case, you win.

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