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Re: Swollen Lips
Jul 29, 2004
The allergic reaction may be to something you are breathing at work, air pollution or maybe pollen/ ragweed. The cause of giant hives is hard to find, because sometimes a person will have one attack and never get another. I dont think stress is a trigger in most cases. What you have is hives and they are called giant hives because the swelling is deep under the skin not on the surface. I had them on my feet, hands and legs. Some people have the whites of their eyes swell shut. There is an antihistamine you can take which will stop the swelling, but you do need to see an allergist.
Re: Swollen Lips
Aug 5, 2004
Hi Everyone,
Thanks to all of you who so kindly responded to my questions!

With your help and the internet, I successfully diagnosed myself with uriticaria and angioedema. I saw an allergist on Monday who took x-rays of my face (also diagnosed with severe sinusitis - couldn't even see my eyes or nose on the x-ray!). Did an allergy test on my back and took blood. The question now is what am I NOT allergic to, apparently I am so full of histimine and my body is "exploding" as he put it, that almost everything environmentmental is negatively affecting me right now (no food allergies, though). He put me on a regimen of Loratidine 3x/day, Cimetidine 3x/day and Atarax b4 bedtime. Lots of drugs and I'm pretty sleepy - BUT NO SWELLING SINCE SUNDAY!

Thanks to everyone again, and if I can be of help to someone else out there, I will. I'm certainly going to be checking the boards!

Jennifer :wave:

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