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[QUOTE=leelee04]I have a question, I know allergy's can make you dizzy, But what if you dont have the normal allergy syptoms, Like sneezing, stuffy nose... etc.... All I have is post nasal drip, sore throat, and my ears itch, oh yeah and I'm very dizzy 24/7. Is that still allergys? What do you think?

I had absolutely NO allergy symptoms at all. No runny nose, no green things coming out of my face, no sneezing, no nothing. I was dizzy, felt weak and just felt crappy. I have never suffered from allergies my entire life. This went on for two weeks. I went to the ER and they gave me Antivert (which is just a non-dizzy drug) and sent me home. It didn't get better. I went back to the ER a week later and DEMANDED they run some tests on me.
They ran every test known to man, including a sinus CAT scan. Low and behold, I had a chronic sinus infection! I took 6 weeks of antibiotics and feel much better now, but because my thing is "chronic", I will most likely suffer with it forever.
If I were you, have your ears checked to make sure there's nothing going on with them, and have a CAT scan to confirm there is no infection.

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