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I've been having the same problem for about a week. Where do you live?

I thought it was from the antihistamines I was taking, but I didn't take them for a few days, and my throat is still scratchy, dry, and sometimes sore.

Interestingly enough, my wife's throat is also sore -even though it is humid out. What gives?
I live in Australia - Victoria, Gippsland (country Vic.)to be exact.
If it is allergy related, another possibility why I've been affected much earlier than usual could be b/c I'm in a new area (= new allergens in the env.). I am from the city, but have been living in Gippsland just this yr for uni. Have woken up a bit 'chesty' today, thought I'd by symptom free by now considering I have come home for the weekend. Hmmm . . :confused:
Well, I have two thoughts on this...

1) The snot from your sinuses might be dripping down the back of your throat, and that would iritate it...

2) Is your nose stuffy? If it is, you may be breathing through your mouth, dust, pollen, etc maybe be iritating your throat, plus it just gets dried out...drink some water, tea, etc...Kool Aid works, too. :P The sugar coats your throat. More liquds will thin your mucus out, and help your sinuses drain, too. Also, maybe try some Sudafed or another OTC decongestant.

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