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Re: Chiggans
Sep 23, 2004
Yes, I do sometimes get dizzy when I'm tired.

I think that the dizziness is caused by 2 things. 1. Sinus inflammation in the Ethmoid sinuses next to the eyes causes a "heavy headed" feeling. My eyes don't catch up to what I'm looking at, and if the inflammation gets really bad, my vision get get blurry. 2. Sinus pressure can also have an effect on the inner ear assembly. When this happens, more traditional dizzy bouts arise.

I got rid of virtually all the dizziness through the use of Chlor-Tremiton, daily irrigation with Zyletol and distilled water (cool), and dietary modification (very little dairy and refined sugars).

After following this regiment for a few weeks, I was able to go off the Chlor-Tremiton and use Allegra. Now I don't have to use either, unless I have an allergy flare-up. The irrigation washes the dust mites and gunk out of the sinuses, eliminating inflammation.

It took me 10 months to eliminate my sinus problems. That's a long time. I sometimes get a little yallow gunk, and I still have some bags under the eyes, but I'm 10 times better than I was in January. I lead a normal life now.

Try my routine and see what happens. I would steer clear of steroid nasal sprays or Prednisone. These will NOT make your situation better, only worse. You don't need them. If you start getting a lot of yellow or green gunk, add 3ml of hydrogen peroxide to the mix. The next time you irrigate, your discharge will be clear. it's that simple.

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