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Re: This is wack!
Oct 1, 2004

did they ever do any extensive ear testing? An MRI?

I've always thought my ears are a bit abnormal. Almost like ETD, or trapped pressure, etc. But everytime I bring it up, my ENT just shrugs it off.

I had a hearing test, and my hearing is fine.

In addition to all your sinus nonsense, you may want to have your ears checked out more.

I've noticed that since the weather has gotten colder here in Chicago (between 50-70 degrees), my sinus have improved a LOT, especially my allergies. They were at the worst in late July, early August, with all the humidity, dust, pollution, etc.

You live in Texas right? The weather is probably not doing you any favors.[/QUOTE]

Really? I'm finding the weather here in Chicago is making me even more miserable- the worst is when we need to turn on the heat in the mornings(cuz it's so cold you don't want to get out of bed lol) & I wake up super congested & have morning asthma attacks cuz it stirs up the dust.. it sucks. Then comes in the fact that it's ragweed season & my 2 biggest triggers are ragweed & dust.
I was told everyone with ETD would show some degree of hearing loss, I do have some minor hearing loss & do get fluid when i'm doing badly- which leads to big time dizziness, the kind where you can't get out of bed b/c your so nauesoueas.
I was thinkin about transferring down to texas for college, my parents said the hot & dry air would be great for me.. am I wrong?

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