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[QUOTE=cicka]Hi beerzoids!

First, let me congratulate you for your great discovery! You've helped so many people.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the nice words. I just wish that the "upside down sinus flooding" had a better track record. For about half of those that feedback, it does absolutely nothing to improve their sinus condition.

[QUOTE]Well, I'm in the same boat - chronic congestion (6years now) which I use decongestants for, runny nose and other symptoms of sinusitis - fatigue, dizziness, fog....[/QUOTE]

I was in the same boat. It was absolutely miserable! Surgery was no help to me. After years of allergy shots and acupuncture treatments, and actually doing electro-acupuncture treatments on myself, and major changes to my diet and environment, I was able to get rid of my sinus misery. But, I wasn't able to get rid of my chronic infections until I did an "upside down sinus flooding" with peroxide, baking soda and kosher salt.

[QUOTE]I've started gathering all I need for the irrigation, however, I'm having hard time finding Kosher salt. I found something, but it didn't appear to be too "pure". It had some brown grains in it. :eek:
Does it need to be Kosher salt?[/QUOTE]

The two most important ingredients are the peroxide and the baking soda. Peroxide and baking soda makes for a very powerful anti-infective. The salt creates a unfriendly environment for bacteria, but it doesn't have a lasting effect. But, it also helps to shrink nasal membranes during the flooding.

[QUOTE]Wouldn't sea salt do the job in a similar way?[/QUOTE]

From what I've heard, sea salt is also recommended for irrigation. I've used regular table salt, but it causes the flooding to sting more. I've flooded without the salt.

[QUOTE]Will this help with my decongestant addiction?[/QUOTE]

Not at all. The ONLY purpose for the flooding is to attempt to kill germs within the nasal passages, including the turbinates, and the sinuses, IF the mixture can get to the germs.

[QUOTE]On that note, I don't think it's the decongestants responsible for my congestions, like in some cases. I tried weaning off a number of times. I'd be even fine for a while on a very diluted dose of them, but then after a while the congestion would return.[/QUOTE]

Rebound congestion is very common with the over-the-counter decongestants. I'm on a corticosteriod nasal spray, which, for me, works very well. I use one snort, once per day.

[QUOTE]So I'm leaning towards the bacteria/fungi theory. I can acctually sometimes smell something strange and my teeth or the whole cheek bone would sometimes hurt! Does that sound like bacteria in the Sinus?

Best of wishes!

It sounds like sinus problems in the Maxillary Sinuses, under the check bone. This sinus area stretches from the bottom of the eye socket to the roots of the teeth. That is a very difficult sinus to irrigate. The "normal" opening to that sinus is like an upside down V. The Mixture would have to go down towards the Ethmoid sinuses and then back up into the Maxillaries, when the head is upside down. And..... I don't know if the mixture would ever come back out.

I've had quite a bit of feedback from people with probable infection problems in their maxillary sinuses. Not one has fedback that the flooding has taken away their infection, but some of them have fedback that the flooding significantly improved their condition and reduced their symptoms.

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

Please feedback on how, and what you do.

Regards, and best of luck and health! :wave:
[QUOTE=cicka]What were the symptoms of people that had problems with their maxillaries, do you remember, please?[/QUOTE]

James123 had a probable sinus infection in his maxillaries. The upside down sinus flooding resulted in significant improvements, but, as far as I know, has not taken away his maxillary infection.

Here are two of his many posts: To read them, you need to copy the link and paste it in your browser URL Address window, and press enter.

[QUOTE]So if irrigation doesn't work, antibiotics won't work (since the sinus is a cavity and, well, you know...) what could be our help?[/QUOTE]

The wall between the nasal passage and the Maxillary sinus is very thin. There are out-patient procedures to place a small tube through the maxillary wall, and then flush out the sinus with salt water. But..... I don't think that just salt water will kill a maxillary sinus infection.

If it were me, I would ask the surgeon to first flood my maxillary sinus with diluted peroxide, baking soda and kosher salt, or another antibiotic liquid, and let it stay in there for ten minutes, flush out completely with salt water, and repeat the process several times. I would then go on a course of antibiotics to improve the odds of success.

I would also want to repeat this maxillary sinus flush, once every week or two weeks, for a couple of months, and then once a month for a few months, to protect the injured maxillary sinuses from reinfecting, until they heal.

That is what I would try, but I have no idea of how successful it would be, since I have never heard of anyone doing it. I am just a fellow ex-sinus sufferer, and not a medical expert, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

Getting rid of the infection is just one step. The other step is solving the allergy problem that causes the infections in the first place, through allergy shots, diet changes, lifestyle and environment changes, prescription sinus sprays or pills, and acupuncture.

[QUOTE]I guess that would explain the scary dark circles under my eyes, if you're saying they stretch from the eye socket...[/QUOTE]

James123 had dark circles and a bunch of other problems that were relieved by doing "upside down sinus floodings".

[QUOTE]I used to also use a corticosteroid. It helped with the congestion, but it gave me daily headaches. It can also cause fungal infection. I wouldn't touch it again.[/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear about the headaches from the corticosteroid.

[QUOTE]Nasal Cromolyn helps with the headaches and dizziness, but irrtitates my throat. Seems like I just can't win. : ( [/QUOTE]

Sinus disease is a very frustrating and almost disabling problem.

[QUOTE]Did you also have a lot of trouble with post nasal drip and headaches before your treatment?

Talk soon :wave:[/QUOTE]

When I would get a sinus infection, my sinuses would swell up worse, each day, until they closed totally and became more painful. The discharge would be discolored and thick. The longer I let it go, the worse it got. I would feel like I had the flu. I didn't have a headache but the post nasal drip was nasty.

I once made the mistake of taking extra corticosteroid sprays, to cover up the infection. It worked for a while, but it screwed up my system, and made me much more sensitive to chemicals, allergens and irritants.

If you get a chance, read about James123's experiences trying to treat his maxillary problems. Some of my posts, back then, had errors in them, as I have learned a lot since first posting about the "upside down sinus flooding" on Healthboards.
[QUOTE=moonstruckgrl]Thanks beerzoids!
I will check those links out. I'm still preparing myself for the flooding... It seems so complicated. I guess I just have to do it the first time and then it will be easier.
I'll keep you posted.[/QUOTE]

I hope that it helps you!

Have you read the documentation about how to do a sinus flooding?

It's at:

If you have any questions, please ask.

The sinus flooding can sting quite a bit. Also, as with any type of sinus irrigation, there are risks of getting some of the liquid in one's Eustachian Tubes. This is also addressed in the documentation.

How long have you been suffering from sinus infections? Do you mind posting some of your symptoms?

Thanks... :wave:

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