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yes you are not alone!
I have suffered from allergies/sensitivities to all kinds of things, including dust mites, ever since I was a baby & had my first reaction to diapers & had to be potty trained at 9 months.
At first it was only skin allergies, and they were bad. Saw many many doctors & tried hundreds of treatments for all the skin allergies(I have a lot of diff kinds of skin allergies! hives, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, seborheiic dermatitis) but there are a few treatments that stick out as being the best.
For my scalp there is nothing like Capex shampoo(steroid shampoo). Works amazing. Combined with Cormax it does a great job of keeping stubborn falre ups under control. For my rashes, Psorcon ointment is great. I take Clarinex daily & that helps tremendously. I am allergic to dust & it does cause me rashes- but the daily Clarinex changed my life as far as skin allergies go. No kidding. That and environmental changes- all hardwood floors & air filters, etc. Dust proofing the house as much as possible.
Another thing- you mentioned YOU are doing the cleaning, silly, that's where your problems are coming from. Vacumming stirs up dust. Hire a cleaning lady, we did this & she does a great job of keeping the house spotless & we tell her to concentrate on the dust. Or else have someone else do it for you. Make sure it is a HEPA filter one also.
I do have other allergy symptoms that often coincide with my skin allergies. Like right now my scalp psoriasis is flaring up & so is my asthma & sinuses. I have moderate asthma, allergy triggered ETD & hay fever. My skin problems went into remission for a few years before the other allergy problems popped up. Apparently if you have skin allergies, you have 80-up% chance of getting hay fever, and 50-up% chance of getting asthma later in life.
do some research on dust proofing your home & don't do anymore cleaning yourself.
good luck
also wanted to add- might want to stop dehumidifying. Humidifier is the only way I can live a normal life, since we had a central one installed & we run one in my room if i'm having allergy problems. Skin that is sensitive NEEDS moisture. Make sure you are using Cetaphil lotion withing 5 minutes of toweling off from the shower(least likely to cause ar eaction lotion). So turn that humidifier back on- dry air is the most irritating thing for sensitive skin!

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