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Hello :) Been doing research cuz I feel like crap AGAIN! Glad I found your board! Here's a run down:

I started getting bad sinus headaches in the mid 90s when living in Germany (military). I do have post nasal drip but it was never extreme. Depending where we go my sinus headaches can be good or bad. We live in KS now and it's been one thing after another! Last Nov/Dec I came down with a virus...sore throat, achey, slight fever, etc. I thought I got rid of it but it came back worse and I was hospitalized for a couple days with a bad case of pharyngitis (became hard to swallow and breathe). Was put on antibiotics.

From that point until now, I'm constantly sick, only the symptoms have gotten a bit different. Sometimes I'll lay down to sleep and within a couple hours I'm sore and swollen under my chin and sometimes along the jaw line and under the ear (mainly right ear). A few doctors said the same was due to my post nasal drip irritating my throat. I take deconamine when I wake up like that and it seems to help. When I really flare up, the swelling is not only along the jaw line and under the ear, but along my neck, like swollen lymph nodes and my upper arms will ache like crazy. I was told the last time it was due to the infection. I am again...SICK! I will say that from under my right ear to my neck always feels a little swelled and my ear feels full and will itch. I was wondering if maybe I have a faulty Eustachian tube. For several years when I blow my nose I've always heard a crackling sound every so often. Also the same ENT who assisted me in the hospital said from looking at the CAT scan that I have a deviated septum and a cyst on my sinus (I think the right one which my right side is where I have all my problems). He's been wanting me to get my tonsils out but I'm not feeling comfy with that.

Sorry so long but this worries me. I also wonder if my immune system is out of whack from when I was sick last year. I've started taking Echinecea for my immune system. I have no clue of what I'm allergic too but know that I have post nasal drip bad and most likely have rhinitis. Right now I feel like crap and my ears hurt some which I think I have a virus. This just SUCKS especially since I've been feeling good the last few months!

Any input would help me greatly. Thanks!


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