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I have been having lot's of problems since August and still have no answers. It started with shortness of breath and a feeling of a lump in the throat. The Doctor suspected that it was a sinus infection and then treated it with anitbiotics after two rounds of the antibiotics I was still not better, I went for A PFT and chest Xray both were fine. Now I get this swelling of the throat right under my chin, it feels so swollen that when I put my head down to look at my feet I can feel the skin hitting my neck. (hard to explain). I sometimes hear a gurgling/crackling noise and some wheezing too. I do have headaches but no real pressure in my head, I was having some yellow discharge that seems to have gone away a bit since I started the irrigation. I've been paying real close attention to everything I eat to figure out the cause but nothing adds up. My lips also quiver a bit and my arms get a little tingly when this all flares up and I don't think that it's anxiety because I've gotten so use to feeling this way. I did the allergy testing and found out that I'm allergic to Ragweed,Dust and Dog (I do have a dog) but the Allergist doesn't think I even need the dog shot. I do notice that I feel worse when I'm at work but who doesn't I guess. I live in Illinois and since my problems started exactly at ragweed season could that have triggered the rest of my problems? Also when I feel my throat when its swollen it feels a bit tender. I've tried Zyrtec, Allegra, Nasonex, Rhinocort, Allestin, Singulair Nothing is working so I'm not real sure allergies are my problem.. Can sinus problems cause all this? I've never had any problems like this until this Summer/Fall. I have to finish up the new Antibiotics i'm on and then get the CT Scan done, then its off to an ENT. I'm also running on empty financially so I'm getting real desperate. Any advice would be appreciated

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