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My ENT said that I have a slight deviated septum and I am very seriously thinking of having it fixed. I can breathe out of one side of my nose almost always and the other side almost never. I was just wondering what to expect after the surgery. How long will my nose be completely swollen up? When should I expect to have results? Is it painful and if so, for how long?
Thanks to anyone that can help.
Just had it done a month ago. Not yet got my stints out so I can't really tell you I'm better yet, but I'd do it. It was worth it I believe! Not to bad of a surgery. You will be in major pain the day after surgery and for a few days after as well so you want to take pain killers. Other than that it takes time to heal, not an overnight cure. Should be a good 2 months after the surgery when you notice a big change! Have any more questions just let me know!

I too am going for the same operation but not till spring due to a giant waitlist, this dr is really good so he has alot of surgerys to do. Anyways can you believe Ive been suffering 10 or more years and all the other ent's said.. "ohhh a deviated septum is nothing serious". Meanwhile ive been sick to the point of being diagnosed with lupus, then ms, fibro, mcs then this and that and even had optic neuritus and all this time ive been arguing that its because my body is so exhausted from 10 years of chronic inflamation in my sinuses. I tell ya, Im going to prove such a medical miracle when they are done with me. Ive even been dx with lyme disease and everything.( with inconclusive test results ofcourse). If i didntr have the deviated septum then Id go with the lyme dx but once that is fixed i will have my answer.
I do still think thats still possible (lyme )and after surgery im going to a long course of abs just incase but seriously, im mad. There might just be a happy ending here...Im hoping. I promise to keep you updated on my story of "can long term sinus problems cause autoimmune and immunologic problems". Im convinced I have something to prove here. Anyways Im on fire, but happy in a way cause this could be the end of my suffering.

Anyways This dr dagnosed me with concha bullosa (turbinate air bubble) and deviated septum causing Sleuders neuralgia.

Im nervous about surgery because i now have so many drug sensitivities , also i need to get tested for porpheria just incase. I hear propanofol is much better tolerated then sodium pentathol but is more expensive so its used less.

Anyways more stories of septoplasy would be appreciated here. Thankyou.
I had surgery to remove tonsils, adenoids, reduce turbinates, UP3, septoplasty, and later had 2 rounds of radiofrequency of the tongue. All that and I have sleep apnea worse (according to sleep studies) than I had pre-sugery. But I think the allergies ARE better. (NOt at all what the surgery was intended for, but a nice side-effect.) Ok here's my take: My throat hurt so badly (I mean I was hurting) that I never once even felt my nose -except when they took out the packing- which was a strange feeling, and briefly painful, but over with in about 30 seconds per side. No other pain in the nose for me, but again, when ya have a broken arm, you don't even feel your scraped knee. Nothing to it once that packing is out, babe.
Thanks everyone. I am scheduled for surgery on Dec. 10th so I'll let ya know how it goes. One more question. I was reading over some possible risks and found that perforation (hole in the septum) is possible. Has anyone had this problem after surgery?
[QUOTE=jennsparks]Thanks everyone. I am scheduled for surgery on Dec. 10th so I'll let ya know how it goes. One more question. I was reading over some possible risks and found that perforation (hole in the septum) is possible. Has anyone had this problem after surgery?[/QUOTE]

I just had this done, its a cake walk. The worst part is not being able to blow your noise following the surgury, I was going insane with snot running out of my face. I ended up getting a major sinus headache on election night and was vomiting several times.
Hi everyone. Tomorrow makes a week since my surgery. It was pretty painful for about 4-5 days but I'm feeling much better now. I had a few unexpected side effects like mouth and gum pain and the draining made my throat really sore. The congestion isn't terrible, but I can only breathe out of one side of my nose at a time. It switches back and forth. Does anyone know how long it should take before I can breathe out of both sides at the same time?
I just had endoscopic surgery for the concha bullosa in my sinuses on Friday, and am wondering when I'll be able to breathe again. Came here looking for answers, but I'm not having too much luck. From what I can tell, it does take a while before you feel 100% again after having your sinuses operated on.

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