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[QUOTE=cshore]I don't have a stuffed up nose thank G-d for that..but this congestion in my throat every day all day is just awful!![/QUOTE]

There are mucus glands in the sinuses AND in the throat. You have the luck of having over active mucus glands in the throat, being effected by allergens, but NOT in your sinuses. Just hope that whatever effected your throat glands doesn't one day decide to effect your sinuses also. :eek:

[QUOTE]I Have never tried shots, I wonder if that would work...[/QUOTE]

I had an allergist years ago who believed in giving very mild doses of common tree, grass and weed pollens, expressly related to my area. I didn't have to get expensive tests and it made getting the shots very simple. I would just pop into his office when I wanted a shot. The nurse would give me the shot, and I would be gone. I noticed, each time, right after getting the shot, breathing through my nose would get better. If interested, you might call around and try to find an allergist in your area that gives the same inexpensive type of service.

Allergies are combinational. That means that your allergy problems are probably caused my multiply allergens over multiple days. Allergens can cause misery by either being breathed in, by touching your skin or by being eaten. In other words, from allergens, you can run, but you can't hide.

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