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Nov 25, 2004
Can anyone give me the problems that sinus can cause to eyes/vision and the ears.
I have a buzzing tinitus noise in my right ear, ears always feel full of wax.
Last 2 years had eye problem with right eye. Eyelid swollen, dry eye, and when I press on the eye lid feels as if something if wanting to come down my nose (right side again) also if i put pressure on my eye lid and push it makes an egg shell cracking noise. vision is also blurred and very dark in that eye, also pupil does not dilate very well.
Have been here there and everywhere, Dr does not warrent an ENT.
Have had a CT scan and an sinus x ray, said x ray was okay, but ct even though they said at the time it was clear, according to my last Dr I saw he said it's not that clear. So wondering can sinus cause these symptoms.
I have a dry nose which sometimes omits a thick white discharge, same as my eye at times. I always have to breath through my mouth.

any suggestions?

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