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Well, I have another sinus infection and just got back from my ENT. He took a culture of my mucous and say he thinks he knows what is wrong with me. He says I have bacteria likely growing in my sinuses that is hard to treat and that is why all this time I have remained inflamed/dizzy/and constant sinus infections. I get a hearing test and tube put in my ear on Wed. and am now taking Omnicef. Once he has the results back from the culture he will talk to me about what kind of treament I need. I can't believe after all this time I may be close to getting rid of all my problems and I can't believe I stayed with my dumb ENT who did nothing for me, never even offered a culture of my mucous. My new ENT is so good and right on top of my care. I remember way back when Chiggans mentioned to me about getting my mucous cultured and finally I did!!! So, what exactly is a bacterial infection and what do they do for it? My ENT says they are hard to get rid of, but not impossible. I'm scared, but glad I now know. So, any info on thest type of sinus infections would be appreciated.


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