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I've posted this elsewhere, but I think it will help you.

When you use a steroid spray you must use it regularly. For most people this is everyday, but some can use it every other day. What you absolutely should not do, is "save" it for when you feel you are getting an infection. I used to use it incosistantly also, and then complain it didn't work. When I was referred to the allergist, he set me straight:

Steroid nasal sprays work best as preventative medicine. It does not work as well when you are all stuffed up. It's like putting "oil on water." If you are all stuffed up, the spray just sits on top of the mucus, and never reaches the nasal tissue. It is in these situations that a small amount of steroid can get absorbed in your system if you have PND and it runs down your throat.

When I was first prescribed Flonase my doctor told me to use Afrin & Sudaphed 24 hours before starting the Flonase. Then each time I used Flonase I had to first use a saline nose spray (Entsol) and blow my nose. Then putting my chin to my chest and looking at the floor, spray one squirt of Flonase. When spraying, I was told to think of aiming it toward my ear. Then I was to wait 2-3 minutes, brush my teeth, or whatever. Then spray the second squirt. This allows the first squirt to start working, and help the second squirt get further up your nose. If you choose, you can irrigate instead of using the saline spray.

Also, in your case, I would continue taking the Sudaphed until the Flonase seems to have started working. You can use Afrin at the same time, but you absolutely should not use Afrin for more than 3 days in a row. Also, I've discovered this system works best if done right after a nice hot shower.

I am a lot like you. I have year round chronic rhinitis. It can take a full week or 2 before the nosespray takes full effect. Don't give up!

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