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[QUOTE=gjzhoff]Has anyone tried using hydrogen peroxide in the nose? I am desperate and need to get rid of this infection. I cannot believe I have one so soon after surgery. My ENT told me not to do it, but it is the only way I can get rid of the awful smell in my nose. It does burn like heck though.


There are three discussion topics here on healthboards dealing with flooding the sinuses with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and kosher salt, to treat sinus infections.

Documentation, discussion and links to the other two discussions can be found at: [B]New 'upside down sinus flooding' documentation.[/B]

The link to this allergy topic is:
[QUOTE=gjzhoff]I cannot believe I have one so soon after surgery.[/QUOTE]

Infrequent sinus flooding, with a mild solution of peroxide, baking soda, and kosher salt, can guard against re-infection. Three years ago, I used to do several sinus floodings in one week. Now I do about two sinus floodings every three months when I first feel like I might be getting an infection. I use it as an insurance policy, even though I probably don't need to do sinus floodings, at all, anymore.

I don't understand why more ENTs do not suggest sinus flooding with peroxide to guard against re-infection.

[QUOTE]My ENT told me not to do it, ... [/QUOTE]

Have you asked your ENT why he is against using peroxide in the sinuses?

[QUOTE] ... but it is the only way I can get rid of the awful smell in my nose. It does burn like heck though.


The burning is a sign of damage, or very sensitive areas, within your nasal areas. When the peroxide comes into contact with injured areas, it will burn a lot. The burning, of course, is not good for the sinuses, but the peroxide, baking soda mixture will kill most of the germs, with which it comes into contact.

If you have ever scrapped your knee, and poured full-strength 3% peroxide on it, you would have experienced quite a bit of painful burning, but if you poured it on the other, undamaged knee, it would have caused no burning at all. In fact, you can gargle with peroxide and the only burning you would feel would be if you had sores or wounds in your mouth.

The idea of sinus flooding, with peroxide, is to kill germs so that they stay away from the "open infected wounds" within the nasal areas, so that the wounds will slowly heal and stop being targets for re-infection. In my case, it took about six months, for my nasal wounds to heal. After they healed, I seldom had to do sinus floodings. [B]In three years, I've done about 50 sinus floodings, or less than two floodings per month. It is not something that I would do on a regular basis.[/B]

But......... if the infections are deep within the hard-to-reach sinus cavities, such as the maxillary sinus cavities, then the peroxide flooding will only have limited benefits, by killing the germs OUTSIDE of the sinus cavities, and preventing the infections from spreading to other areas, like the turbinates.

Sorry to hear about your sinus misery. I hope that you can get some relief!

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