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It wasn't the salt that gave me the headache- it was the fact that I have low blood-pressure and the being upside down while flooding on top of the sinus headache I already had gave me the worse migraine I've had in years. I've done the saline nasal sprays and that doesn't give me headaches.
[QUOTE=2talll]Hey beerzoids,

I told you how I had so much trouble with the horrible migraine when I tried saline flooding the other day, so I was wondering if this would work.[/QUOTE]

You have been through quite a lot. Hopefully next year will be much better for you! How long did it take to get rid of that terrible migraine?

[QUOTE]What if I took the hydrogen peroxide mixture and put it in one of the inhaler bottles (such as an Afrin spray or mist bottle)?[/QUOTE]

I use a saline inhaler plastic bottle to flood my sinuses. I empty it completely of the saline and then rinse it out, and then I use a mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and kosher salt. You can buy the saline nasal spray at most stores for about $3.

If you decide to use an Afrin spray bottle, be sure to empty it out, and then rinse it out. I am always concerned about mixing different chemicals.

If you look up [B]sinus irrigation instructions[/B] on the Internet, you will find articles which say that you can irrigate with your face over a sink, looking down. What do you think about that position, with your face looking down into the sink, rather than your head down? Do you think that you could avoid a migrane in that position?

[QUOTE] so I was wondering if inhaling it might work. That way I can use the hydrogen peroxide to start to kill the bacteria in my sinuses without being practically cripled by migraines. Thanks![/QUOTE]

Do you mean "so I was wondering if [B]spraying it into my sinuses [/B]might work."?

You don't want to inhale the mixture, or ingest it.

If I was going to do an irrigation facing down into the sink, I would plug my nostril with the sprayer so that the liquid could not come back out, for a few minutes, and would have longer to kill germs within the nasal passages. That technique is safe for me to do, but I don't know if it would be safe for you.
[QUOTE=2talll]It wasn't the salt that gave me the headache- it was the fact that I have low blood-pressure and the being upside down while flooding on top of the sinus headache I already had gave me the worse migraine I've had in years. I've done the saline nasal sprays and that doesn't give me headaches.[/QUOTE]

Hydrogen peroxide can really sting the sinuses. Are you sure that you want to try it? If your sinuses are raw and damaged, a sinus irrigation with peroxide can be quite painful.

Peroxide is very harsh. The reason I first used it, three years ago, was because I was desperate, and could not stand fighting another sinus infection with antibiotics. I was getting sinus infections many times a year. The peroxide flooding worked for me, but it really stung the hell out of my sinuses.

Are you planning to use a milder mixture of at least one part peroxide to thirty parts water?

I am concerned about you and certainly don't want you to feel worse because of the peroxide.
[QUOTE=2talll]And I was definitely going to so a really diluted mixture the first time to be sure it would work.[/QUOTE]

Remember...... the reason for squirting an anti-infective into the nose is to attempt to get it to the source of the infection(s). If the infection is deep in an unreachable area, like the maxillary sinus cavity, then the mixture may never be able to get to the infection to do it's job.

Infections in the sinus cavities are also difficult to treat, with antibiotics, because of the limited blood supply to the cavities.

[QUOTE]The reason I was asking about the Afrin type bottle is that it is more of a mist that seems (in my case anyway) to go up further into my nose than the saline type spray bottles do.[/QUOTE]

I've never tried it. I don't know if a mist would be as effective as a flooding, at getting the anti-infective mixture to cover the entire infected area(s).

[QUOTE]Another stupid question, when using a spray/inhaler (afrin, saline, flonase, etc) is it better to "sniff in" as your spraying or not?[/QUOTE]

The only stupid questions are those that go unasked and unanswered.

The nasal spray instructions for my Beconase AQ, which sprays a mist, says to breathe gently inward through the nostril.

When I experimented with peroxide, undiluted, in a hot mist, personal evaporator, I breathed it in gently through my nose, over and over again, without any problem. I did not breath in too deeply because I did not want to experiment with getting it into my lungs.

[QUOTE]I don't mean really inhaling because I tried that once with the salene spray and almost puked cause it all went down my throat.[/QUOTE]

Plus, you don't want to suck any mixture into the Eustachian Tubes near the back of your throat.

I've had feedback from sinus sufferers with sinus headaches. The ones that have been helped by the sinus flooding, were those that suffered the most stinging, from the flooding, over their eyes. I've always assumed that their headaches were being caused by infection in, or near, their frontal sinuses (above the eyes), and that the peroxide, baking soda mixture was able to knock out both their infection and their headache.

I really hope that you can get some relief from your headaches, even if it is only partial relief. Best of luck and health for 2005! :wave:
[QUOTE=2talll]THanks again for the help.[/QUOTE]

Just wanted to remind you. I am not a doctor, or an expert. I am just a fellow sinus sufferer, who found a way to stop my own sinus infection misery, and am sharing my experiences. I didn't post the documentation, of my peroxide-sinus-flooding experiences, until I had done about 30 floodings over a two year period, and had been successful at treating and keeping away sinus infections for those two years. It's now over three years, sinus infection free.

[QUOTE]I'm going to try using the inhalant bottle tomorrow first.[/QUOTE]

Good luck with it. I hope that it helps!

[QUOTE]I just went out and bought over $100 worth of hypo-allergenic mattress cover, pillows, etc so I'm going to see if that does anything for the troubles in the morning.[/QUOTE]

I have a leather recliner in the bedroom. I sleep without covers or sheets, just on the bare leather, or vinyl, in jockey shorts, and wearing an earloop, surgical mask. I wake up much more refreshed and with much more energy, in the morning, than I did when I slept in bed. Might sound extreme, but it works for me. It keeps my heart beating stronger and more regular, than when I lie in bed, and I wake up in the morning without asthma or stuffy sinuses.

I don't think that there is any way to keep the bed totally dust and allergy free.

Everyone is different, but I wonder what that type of sleeping would do for your headaches?

[QUOTE]Hopefully that will at least help a little, because by the middle of the day I feel pretty good most days- it's just the waking up early and not being able to fall back asleep because of the pain can really slow me down all day- not a good thing when I am a K-2 teacher and need all the energy I can possibly get.[/QUOTE]

I sure hope that you can get rid of those headaches so you can enjoy your job without pain.

Best of luck and health for the New Year! :wave:
I never really thought about acupuncture, mostly because for the most part the migraines are handled my the vitamins I take in the morning and at night and the Aleve I take before bed- although I'm going to slowly try to stop taking the Aleve wonce the sinus headaches go away. It's just now with the sinus headaches that I become more worried about getting a migraine, because when I gt a migraine on top of the sinus headache it's completely unbearable and I have to just lay in bed with my eyes closed all day. I got one a couple weeks ago and it was so bad that the normal light from outside at 4 in the morning was too bright for my eyes IN MY BEDROOM even though the blinds were closed.

The mattress cover, pillows, vicks vaposteam and having the window open seemed to do the trick because I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. Just a slight pain (wouldn't even call it a headache) over my right eye. Of course, always looking for positves I guess that the pain being over the right eye could be a good sign because the the serious pain has been coming from the left side for the past two weeks so maybe it's brekaing up.

I'm actually contemplating the peroxide flooding rather than the inhaler- still thinking if I want to risk a headache since today is the first day in a while where I have no headache. I'll let you know.

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