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I suffer from a severe allergic condition- and by reading your reply, I would also be curious where your college is located as opposed to your home.
Yes allergies uncontrolled can cause long term problems. I suffered seasonal allergies for most of my life- even ending up with bronchitis each year due to the allergies- but other than occasionally taking over the counter allergy medication, nothing was really done for my allergies and I didn't think that I needed anything done. Over the past two years, I have definitely found out that this is not the case. My allergies got much worse and developed into a severe allergic condition. I have a larger amount of mast cells present in my body (but not mastocytosis) and also have high histamine and prostaglandin D2 levels. I am horribly allergic to dust mites and also very allergic to cats and ragweed. We had to completely modify our home for me to be able to live. Besides the allergy testing, we also found out how bad my dust mite allergy was when I was sent to National Jewish Respiratory and Research Hospital in Colorado. I was having almost continuous reactions at home here in Oklahoma- and would end up in the hospital when they tried to take me off of the antihistamines to attempt allergy testing. In Colorado, they took me off of the antihsitamines and I had absolutely no problems. Over the two weeks there, I gained strength and was able to get out without a wheelchair.
I had become dangerously weak and stayed mainly on the couch at home for the previous 2 months. Due to their constant lower humidity- Colorado does not have a problem with dust mites (they can't survive in a humidity less than 40%). We now have dehumidifiers throughout our home, removed carpets and placed protective encasings on pillows and mattresses.
However, I also developed Meniere's disease (An affliction of the inner ear that causes debilitating vertigo (a rotational dizziness that makes you feel as if you are going to pass out), ringing of the ear and pressure, nausea with attacks and gradual hearing loss. No one can say for certain, but there are a very high incidence of allergies in people with Meniere's. I believe that my uncontrolled allergies led to the development of Meniere's. It also led into severe sinus problems and I had to have surgery a year and a half ago on my sinuses. Allergies also weaken your immune system. I had never had strep throat as a child- and last year at age 31- I developed strep pneumoniae and then strep throat and couldn't get rid of it with antibiotics. I ended up having a tonsilectomy- which definitely is not comfortable or desirable as an adult.
Also- what type of allergy testing did you have done? If you just had the blood testing, it is not nearly as accurate as skin testing. My blood testing shows up with nothing- however the skin testing has now twice showed a very severe reaction to dust mites.

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