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Several years ago I had a root canal on a tooth. Ever since then whenever I get a sinus infection the tooth also gets infected. A course of antibiotics (usually some type of penicillin) clears it up. I went to the dentist about it and a few years ago he sent me to a gum specialist, who x-rayed the tooth, checked the bite, sensitivity, etc. and found NOTHING wrong with the tooth itself. Well, my sinuses, along with the tooth flared up again recently. I know I shouldn't have, but dh had almost a full course of leftover augmentin (plus one refill which I also did) so I took it. The lymph nodes on the back of head which swelled and got sore, are better and until yesterday my sinuses and the tooth were feeling much better (I finished the medicine on Saturday AM).
Today however my sinus hurts on that side and the lump on my gum is still there, but a bit more sore again than it was for the past few days. Should I go to the doctor or the dentist? My first thought is to go to the doctor because of my history, but the gum abcess, though it sometimes takes additional time for the swelling to go completely down, has never stayed sore after I finished a course of antibiotics. Is it possible that I just need something different not penicillin related? Could it suddenly be the tooth when it wasn't before? I am getting concerned and just not sure what to do.



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