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I was taking allergy meds every single day for almost a yr and a half when I finally heard about a natural therapy at the chiropractors office. The place is an allergy wellness center and they use NAET (I think that is the spelling) techniques. It is a combination of acupressure and breathing. My therapist also put me on a candida diet along with a supplement of acidopholous to help the good flora grow again. The treatments are done in a series that allow your body to first of all absorb some of the nutrients and vitamins it isn't absorbing and then works toward ridding you of your stronger allergies. I have been for approximately 11 treatments so far. I go in once a week and I have about 5 more to go. She was saying the avg is 20 visits, taking into account people who have mild allergies and those who are anaphelactic. I have noticed a significant improvement. I am no longer stuffed up. I have not had a sinus infection yet this winter. I no longer wake up and use a half box of kleenex before I can function. I no longer have a chronically runny nose, and it has cleared up the bad breath I always had due to PND. If this is available in your area and you can afford it I would highly recommend it. I have seen it work wonders for me, and from what I have heard from others they are just as happy. Best of luck to you. I hated feeling like my life revolved around my sinuses.

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