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Well, I'm glad I'm not on one of those antibiotics you listed, chiggins! And thanks for the preventative info, I will definately refer back here , after I have figured out what to do to prevent recurrent infection--the thing about it is, I have no health insurance what so ever- and an ENT I saw some time ago, back in 2002 told me I would just need the surgery, but that he wouldn't even take X Rays or do anything then and there (my mom was prepared to pay cash) because I did not have coverage, his answer to me being miserable about 8 months out of the year was to come back when I had health care...which I may not have for another 2-3 years to come. My husband is about to graduate law school and we are both in debt just to get our degrees--he has had no job offers, so nothing is "lined Up" for when he graduates--in fact, he is a nontraditional student because he doesn't know someone who can give him a job, and he doesn't come from a family of lawyers. They told him this at school. I won't be out of my Masters program until Dec of 2005.

Oh, the antibiotic I am on is one i've never taken so I guess i'll have to watch it--It's EES, I dont have the longer version of the name in front of me.,

Oh and in response to:

"1. Consult an ENT and see if surgery is warrented. This may consist of something called a "FESS" or frontal endoscopic sinus surgery, which is a procedure to directly clear out the bacteria, and a "NAR" or nasal airway reconstruction, in which the septum is straightened, passages are enlarged, etc. The surgeon may also do a turbinate reduction. This surgery has a quick recovery, and very little pain -it is NOTHING to worry about. You might stay a night in the hospital. Once it has been done, your sinus problems should decrease by 90-100% for the rest of your life."

According to that ENT I saw, which is the only one so far, surgery is warranted although he didn't say why. Mainly something in my environment i'm allergic to that we don't know what it is, so until we find it and eliminate it, I will keep having these infections, he told me the pills he gave me, which were free (a 3 month supply of Augmentin) would eventaully wear off and I'd be sick again. He was right although I felt better for a whole 3 months until the next big weather change came and I was sick again. But he said I needed surgery but didn't say why or what kind and did not check for polyps or blockages at all which is why I wanted to see him in the first place. I know I need to get tested for both skin and food allergies b/c I could be eating many things that I am allergic to--however again money does not allow for this. My husband and I do not even make 2,000 a month....I priced in town, back when I still lived with my parents and it costed about 600 to get tests done but I believe that's only for the skin. So, I didn't do it-- a couple of reasons--one being my mom wouldn't pay for it--she just thought I could move out of my house and that that was all that I was allergic to--but I got worse even after moving AWAY from the house with mold in it. And, I wanted a full test, skin food, the whole 9 yards. Plus, to take allergy shots, should I need them for the rest of my life, I couldn't afford them---

One thing that did help me a lot was Zyrtec--I was on it for four months and I didnt hardly sneeze at all, although I still did at times, even then....but I am concerned about getting back on something like that long term, because when I got off it, just being on for 3 months, I got a very bad middle ear infection which caused my ear drum to rupture; slightly and since then I don't feel my ear has ever been the same.

I just want to be normal again--I mean I always got colds and catchable stuff easily my whole life, but never a sinus infection for every 3 or 4 months like I have now....I hate being on antibiotics so many times in a year but what else can I do? Sometimes they do work for me, so I have to try something when I've been doing all of the "preventative" stuff I am irrigating with Saline--doesn't help me. Inhaling steam/hot water fumes really helps open me up though and I don't have to strain to get any of it out.

A question I have, chiggins, is where would you find a mister antibiotic spray like that? I saw that on the news when it came out and i've never seen it anywhere in a store...

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