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colwood. I got news for ya. There is a such a thing as exercise induced urticaria and it can become life threatening. It can occur during or after exercise. It can get worse each time. You should carry as epi-pen with you and let others around you know the possibilities. Symptoms may also include these......
Hives (large or small)
Itching of the skin
Flushing (redness) of the skin
Difficulty breathing or a choking feeling
Stomach cramping
Swelling of the face, tongue or hands
You should stop exercising as soon as you notice the hives. If the hives don't go away in 5 to 10 minutes, or if you have other symptoms, call your doctor right away. In severe cases, symptoms may be life-threatening, but this is very rare. If you ever have severe symptoms, your doctor may prescribe a medicine called epinephrine ( The epi-pen ) for you. You inject this medication as soon as symptoms start. It stops the symptoms before they become life-threatening. For some people, it may be necessary to avoid certain types of exercise.
In some people, eating certain foods before exercise may make allergic symptoms more likely to occur. Keep track of what you eat before exercising for a few weeks. If you notice a pattern to your symptoms that seems related to a certain food, stop eating it for a while and see if the hives stop. Also, you might try not to exercise for 4 to 6 hours after you eat.
Certain antihistamines can prevent symptoms in some cases. I am surprised your Dr. was not to concerned. Probably because of the lack of knowledge on his part about how dangerous this can be. Please don't exercise alone. Don't mean to scare you about this but you need to know the facts. Do a search on exercise-induced urticaria. And be careful!!!
It has nothing to do with what you are wearing or laundry soap if this is what you really have. Some people get hives from other physical causes like me. It get them from pressure....carrying grocery bags, hammering, raking, stuff like that. Others get hives from things like water, cold and also heat. Not fun stuff for anyone! SO good luck.

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