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My story.

I was born in 1966, and was healthy, and completely free of all allergies and/ or intolerances all my life until 1989, This was the year i had surgery for a Hernia (possible cause of the start of all this??)

After this surgery i returned to work, it was at this time i started getting allergies, During the winter of 89' i was struck ill with Bronchitis and soon after was diagnosed with Asthma- requiring a bronchial pump.

I was working in the engineering industry working with Welders, Fitters etc.
I also (all of a sudden) became EXTREMELY sensitive to all sorts of chemicals, and metals- i developed severe eczema on my hands (something i never ever had before)

It was very bad between my fingers...tiny red itchies that just would NOT go away, cream did nothing, so i just sort of tried to accept this and carry on......But I found those times extremely stressful as i had never had asthma or skin problems AT ALL before 89'.

Within a year or two i started to get problems after eating.
Suddenly i couldn't eat sandwiches anymore, regardless of what the filling was, i couldnt eat pastries, anything with breadcrumbs.....Basically- anything with Wheat( more on that later)....When i saw my Doctor he just said i has acid reflux, and i used Gaviscon Liquid for about 10 years not realising that Wheat was the problem.

My eczema was also getting worse and after some allergy test's i was found to be extremely allergic to Nickel, and Cobalt :-(

As for the food problem- it wasn't until the late 2002 that i started to suspect Wheat..... But at the time i wasnt internet-savvy so i didnt have the knowledge or internet to research it so i sort of gave up and tried to live with my problems by using Gaviscon, and Creams( which didnt really do anything) to TRY to control my eczema.

By now my eczema was also on my arms, and lower If i have even one coin in my pocket i almost instantly get a red spot that itches uncontrollably....I cant handle money or any metals for more than a few seconds at most, if i handle anything with zinc in it my fingers instantly go dry and very itchy.....Due to scratching this has left scarring on my hands and arms which i am extremely paranoid about and try to hide my hands from view as much as i can ( you learn little tricks, but people still seem to notice after a while anyway)

All this has has worn me down into depression now and i am at the end of my tether, after 16 years of constant stomach aches, bloating, pain, and even sickness after eating any Wheat containg foods......And SEVERE eczema from touching pretty much anything now ( i also think certain foods can trigger eczema off ).............. i honestly feel very stressed,and at times i find these problems almost unbearable

I really do suspect that the trauma of the Hernia op triggered off the allergies, asthma, and a wheat intolerance.

I've now just found out i am suddenly intolerant to Lactose....after some severe bouts of the sh**s.

Has anyone else got such a happy life??

Does ANYONE else have similar allergies/intolerances?
And are they all (as i suspect) related via a Wheat/Gluten intolerance.

Thanks for listening to my story.

I would be very very grateful to anyone who has any advice on this......I just dont know what to do anymore.
I'm wheat gluten-intolerant and happy as a clam, really. I've had it all since childhood: allergies, asthma, eczema, ADD, chronic fatigue, depression, moodiness, dry cracked skin, itchy around my ring-fingers, cracked corners of my mouth, poor circulation, gas, stomach pains. IMPORTANT: You may have only one symptom of wheat-intolerance to have this disease. I happened to have most of the symptoms.

My chemical-sensitivity got so bad that I could sit next to a white board and tell you when you last wrote on the board because the volatile chemicals in the dry-marker gave me an instant headache and sinus pain. I had to sit at least 15 feet away from a white board in conference rooms. I couldn't sit on upholstered chairs in my own clean house without suffering from allergies and eczema and asthma. Wasn't I fun.

I had years of skin tests and allergy shots (finally gave up 'em), Ventolin/Albuterol, Steroids, Proventil, ointments, lotions, Claritin, Allegra, vapor tents, adrenalin shots, Adderall, fish-oil pills, all hardwood floors, electronic filters (the ozone will kill you), you name it...

Now I'm 46 and completely allergy free, symptom-free, medicine-free. Yes, [U]completely medicine-free[/U]! It's because I'm crazy about not eating any wheat. Besides being in the obvious bread, pasta, pizza, cakes, and beer, wheat gluten is in aspirin, vitamins, virtually all dressings and gravies, every box of cereal (malt) except captain crunch (yech), white and distilled vinigar, all condiments, oats (yes, the same protein is in there in trace amounts), virtually every boxed or prepacked meal, liquor, food starch, modified food starch, carmel coloring - it's hidden everywhere.

Now I also don't touch alcohol or caffeine, but that's more for lingering ADD. But they both ruin your skin if you have sensitive skin.

Shop only along the outside perimeter aisles of your grocery store - where the fresh produce, meat and dairy products are.

Eat nothing but fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, rice, water, and nuts for a few weeks and you may clear up as I have and my two daughters have. You'll notice a significant difference in three days, big turn around in three weeks, and have a new life in three months. If not, then you're not wheat-intolerant. Stick to it. You'r doctor may be skeptical but forget about him for a while. My doctor finally got the right gliadin-tests for me, which proved positive.

Note: the skin takes months to clear up completely, and your stomach longer than that. My oldest daughter got a leaky gut after 17 years of wheat and contiuous illness, but fortunately I was spared the stomach problem.
Good luck, you'll be just fine....

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