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I wanted to post my story here to see if I could find people with similar stories.

Six months ago I was completely "normal" or so I thought. I exercised 5 x a week and ate right. Then at the end of the summer I started to notice that sometimes after I exercised I would find myself needing to take deep breaths - like yawning - but different. My doc didn't think anything of that, that maybe I was just not getting enough sleep. It realized that it usually happened when my dog was in the room when I was on the exercise bike. So I started keeping him out of my bedroom. That seemed to help. Then I noticed it started happening again and thought it might be when I ate before exercising.

At the beginning of the school year, I caught the first cold and things went downhill from there. A month into what I thought was a long cold or another cold, I started having different symptoms. I would wake in the early a.m. feeling wheezy, so I'd get up and pop an antihistamine and it would go away. This happened many times. One night I was eating dinner and as a drank some red wine, my chest tightened and I felt flushed. I took an antihistamine and it got better. I went back to my doc and she said I may have allergic asthma and an infection, so she gave me a script for Z pack. She also gave me a script for an inhaler and Singular.

I started taking the antibiotic right away. Within a day all the asthma symptoms were gone. I figured I didn't need the other stuff after all. Well, a week or so after the Z pack was done, the symptoms started again. They seemed to get worse fast too. After a week, antihistamines didn't work alone, so I filled the inhaler script. That seemed to do the trick, so I still strolled along, figuring I would get by until my allergy testing. Meanwhile, I never shook the chest cold.

Well about a week later I ended up having a full out asthma attack. It came on gradually over the course of the day and I didn't really recognize what was happening (seeing how I never had asthma). The antihistamines and inhaler weren't helping, so I went to see my doc and she admitted me right away. Thank god too, because even after nebulizing with albuterol twice and having a steroid shot, I was getting no relief. It wasn't until they put me on a steroid drip and started using Xopenex in the neb that I could really breath again. They kept me two days and did a chest x-ray that was normal - for whatever that is worth. They said I had bronchitis and RAD. And no one really explained what the hell that meant!

I was on prednisone, singular and Levaquin when I got home and almost felt normal again until two days off prednisone and a week off the Levaquin, I started coughing more and my chest felt tight again. Not wheezy like in the attack, just tight. I coughed up some green junk and decided whatever bug was living in me wasn't dead yet, so I got another script for Levaquin. It's been a week or so and the cough is almost gone, but my lungs feel sore. Also sometimes I have a hard time taking a deep breath, but I think it may be anxiety more than anything else.

Anyway, so last night, after dinner, I fall asleep on the couch and wake up with hives on my ankles and they are slightly swollen. *** is happening now??? I had uticaria in my 20's that disappeared and I also have bouts of eczema or dermatitis (never really dx'd because by the time I get to a doc it's gone) on the back of my scalp. I had to take some benadryl (on top of the claritin I took earlier in the day). That got rid of it, but I want to know why I'm falling apart so bloody fast!! I really wonder if I'm going to make it to my allergy appt (they say no antihistamines on board before testing).

Can allergies progress this fast?? I'm also getting hormone testing in a couple of weeks. I hope someone can fix me, because I am starting to worry that I will never get back to where I was. I'm even afraid to exercise because I don't want to trigger something.

Oh, one other thing that came out of all this. After starting the first round of Levaquin, my sinuses cleared. The thing is I didn't know I had a sinus problem. I can't remember the last time before then that I could breath out of both sides of my nose. I didn't even know you were supposed to - sad huh? So does this mean I had a sinus infection for years? Is that possible? Could that play into all of the other problems? As it is, my sinuses seem to be closing up again, even while I'm still on the Levaquin. I'm going back to my doc at the end of next week, so I'll bring it up with her.

For anyone making it this far - thank you so much for reading my story. If anyone has a similar story I would love to hear it. It stinks feeling like you are all alone.

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