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Hey everyone,

I have had mild chronic sinusitis for a couple of years but lately I can not control it. A few weeks ago I was on Ceclor 250 3x/day for 10 days -- which killed my intestines (Crohn's disease) and that sort of cleared it up but it was back again as of last week worse than ever. Right sided and over the nose headache, completely blocked right nostril and LAST NIGHT SEARING PAIN WHEN I CHEWED IN FRONT OF MY RIGHT EAR. I could feel the spot with my finger where the pain was - touching it made it worse and then it would go away. During the night I started to get an earache but that spot in front of the ear was not tender. This AM I ate a hard cookie first thing to see what would happen and I did not get that pain but still have the earache and also sort of hurts under my ear. The pain last night was more in the jaw/cheek area against the ear, actually above the jaw line. I also still have that darn headache and stuffy nose and now my throat seems to hurt on that side also. I did see the NP Friday before that awful searing pain hit (can't ever get to see the doc) and she just said everyone is complaining about stuffed sinuses and headache and antibiotics do not seem to be helping. She said to just keep on with the saline nose spray and steaming your head.....not helping obviously. Since I am allergic to cortisone and everyone is afraid to give me antibiotics which are limited anyway and even then can not take a strong dose, is there anything else I can try before I explode????? Thanks. :confused:

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