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hi you guys,
for the past couple of months my skin has been freaking out! i have never had 'sensitive' skin ever before but lately ive been getting red blotches all over my body - usually when i wake up in the morning and throughout the day little ones pop up. they're not raised so i dont think they're hives, but they are really itchy. ive also noticed that if i scratch any part of my skin (even lightly) it gets really red and raised. this NEVER happened to me before. I dont know if this is some sort of allergy or if i should go see a dermatologist. its annoying because my whole body feels so itchy all the time and i cant think of what it is. i havent switched detergents or done anything new lately. i did just move into a new place - but ive slept at friends houses and same thing happens there. any suggestions? what kind of doctor should i see for this? its driving me insane!

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