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[QUOTE=littorali]All day long I have phlegm at the back of my throat which tastes slightly bad. However once every so many days, and this especialy happens in the morning I spit out some sort of mucus plugs yellowish/sometimes slightly bloody in color which are extremely sticky and smell terrible bad. They have a very offensive smell. After that I get the same terrible smell inside my nose for about an hour. I'm often very congested just after waking up.
If I sniff back very hard at any time I can smell the same foul odor, but with no phlegm.
I sometimes get sinus headaches and had a CT done which was negative.
Is the foul phlegm a symptom of specific disease or allergy.
It surely comes from my nose because often there are some nose hairs in.
I do have high blood pressure and take medication for that.[/QUOTE]

For years now I have phlem buildup (know this is gross) but cough it up in the morning, sometimes blood sometimes light green, sometimes a brownish colour in clot like forms, the yellow from me is the bile that comes up afterwards (gag reflex and can't stop). Years ago I was diagnosed with what they call post nasal drippy nose. I have cut out drinking milk after 6:00 pm, and I love milk! as it increases the thickness in the phlem, and I find swallowing bothersome when I lye down for bed, drinking lots of water helps. I was perscribed flovent nasal spray and everyonce in a while a hit of antibiotics. Who knows more than a sufferor of this condition, you know your own body. Obviously now looking back, I have been a allergy sufferer for sometime and only now its gotten to the point of having more severe reactions to what? Soon will find out.......I wonder why there is not enough known about the symptoms we all are indicating?

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