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[QUOTE=marlyn]Yes, I started my Zoloft in January, I was so sick with sinus infection and ear infection with dizzy spells (spinning) for 6 hrs (it is frightening) I had panic attack, I can't talk to people, I don't go shopping anymore like I used too, because I feel lightheaded and frightened to drive because of the vertigo. I take so many medicine for my sinus but I still feel sick. Can you guy's work with this illness. I miss a lot of work since January. The dizzy spell started around December 27th. I noticed everytime it rain, my ear clogged and my sinus headache get so bad, the next time I notice, I get the dizzy spell again. I can't sleep either. I keep on waking up. When I get the bad dizzy spell (spinning) I take Klonopin for the panic and I fall asleep. When I wake up the spinning is gone, but then I am lightheaded all the time and tired. I thought I am the only one, there are times, that I feel so depressed, that I am always thinking if I will ever get better again. It's been 5 months. I hate to go to my doctor's anymore, they keep on telling me everything is normal. Even my CT scan, but I don't feel normal.[/QUOTE]

Hi, marlyn. You are definitely in good company. I started a thread called Persistent Congestion...Brain Fog which a lot of these symptms have been mentioned. I started having issues with being lightheaded in January. I always seem to be stuffy. Have taken allergy meds for years, but started having sinus problems 4 years ago. I even had sinus surgery, which really helped cut down on the number of sinus infections I get. I have a really bad one right now, but I'm on Biaxin XL and my head is FINALLY draining.

I've tried 5 or 6 different nasal sprays and most of the allergy meds out there. My turbinates are really swollen (bony structrues in the nose) - caused by allergies. Oh joy. Have to one under control to help the other. Hasn't worked yet. Daily headaches, congestion...I'm going to start my 3rd brabd of nasal spray shortly, but I really think I am going to end up back on allergy shots. Anything to get passed this mess of feeling lousy.

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