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As Titchou suggested, it could be contact allergies. My itchy skin cleared up dramatically when I switched to perfume- and alcohol-free products. That means laundry soap, body soap, shampoo, body creams, deoderants, etc. I don't have a dryer, so I don't have to worry about those nasty-smelling anti-static thingies that people throw into their dryers -- I hang thins up to dry -- outdoors when this crappy northern Germany weather permits!

If you can stand the smell of perfumes (which I can't, as you might have guessed from my sarcastic comments!), then maybe if you remove ALL other sources of perfume, you might be ok with a little dab behind the ears.

At any rate, a dermatologist might be able to help you track down what you're sensitive to.

It also COULD be something that you're eating -- like sulfates in wine or dried fruits. But I'd go for the reactions to perfumes first.

Good luck.


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