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There has been a nasty virus going around that has the identical symptoms you are describing. Having yellow mucus is actually normal in most viral infections, and is definately a characteristic of this one. Allergy sufferers have clear nasal discharge.

My 10 year old son and I have both had this "bug" (at separate times though), and it took us each 9 weeks to get rid of it! The sore throat was the worst! It felt like strep and lasted a full 6 weeks before finally going away - it and the cough, came from the post nasal drip like Cheerangel mentioned.

By the way, when your cough becomes "rattly" it actually means that the virus is coming to an end, and not that you have developed a chest infection (which is what people often think).

I would wait a while before going back to the doctor, treat the symptoms and try to ride this out.

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