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Yes! Though I am 3 times older than your daughter I have suffered with similiar symptoms as have my sibilings and cousins.

I am asthmatic and recently had a flair up with my last cold along with a month long ear ache. The doctor said it was allergies and unfortunately for my current job I must drive over the hill to work in the valley where the heat, & pollution, and elevation change doesn't help me either. I started eliminating certain foods from my diet I know I should be avoiding. Plus I added more supplements, and tried homeopathic remedies so I could decrease the amount of allergy meds I take. Earache is gone.

Check for food allergies, or food intolerances. There is an elimination diet you should do a search on that can help narrow her allergies down. Also look up alternative and natural means to help your daughter. Dr. Doris Rapp is an expert in food allergies & children too. Traditional allergy tests do not accurately diagnose food allergies. Also they do not account for the pollutants that irritate our sinuses and lungs.

Milk, Wheat, Corn, Eggs, Nuts and Soy can cause lots of problems. More and more commonly Milk, Corn, and Soy are used as fillers in so many processed foods. Milk had many different names so it can be hard to find when you are reading labels. This I why I think so many people are growing more and more intolerant and having adverse effects.

Try fresh foods you prepared yourself that way you know what you’re eating. I've known for years that I am allergic/ intolerant to milk and it causes congestion, and triggers asthma. I stopped drinking milk or eating ice cream 14 years ago but I still have a hard time resisting yogurt and cheese soemtimes. I have been drinking soy milk instead but I may stop drinking it as I read it could contribute to allergies as well.

I've read articles about picking good soy products. The problem is if soy is not processed in the traditional Asian way (liquid is pressed and strained from whole beans and/or fermented) it is hard for the body to digest. Most soy made here in America is processed by crushing whole beans into powder and adding water. I don't know how I'll live with out a milk substitute. I know how to make fresh soy milk but it is too time consuming. I need to buy soymilk that is made fresh at the Asian grocery, but it is further away. Maybe I'll try rice milk again even though it lacks the protein I'm looking for.

Also steroids given to reduce inflammation in the sinuses, lungs etc. can cause additional problems. They lower the body’s immune response which makes you more susceptible to catching more colds, and having Yeast over Growth, which can cause the symptoms you are trying to reduce.

I avoid steroids inhalers/ sprays as much as possible. I've only had to take them when I had bronchitis and recently the nose spray for my ear problem. I've been taking Vitamin C; 500 mg 2-3 times a day fro awhile as it helps reduce allergies and asthma. When I added in Omega 3 oils I noticed dramatic improvement of my asthma. After two days I no longer felt like someone was standing on my chest. Magnesium is supposed to help so I may add that in soon. When I forget to take my supplements I notice my allergies worsen.

Drinking lots of water separate from meals and not eating late before I sleep prevents any asthma that may be triggered by acid reflux. Of course eating fresh food and avoiding junk food and processed food decreases your chance of getting acid reflux in the first place, as raw foods contain natural enzymes that aid in digestion.

Also since I moved to a beach climate with less pollution my asthma and frequency of colds decreased dramatically. I still take some Singulair and allergy/decongestant pills during the warmer seasons and but I am so happy that I no longer take the steroid inhalers. They only seemed to help temporarily then they cause more or new problems anyways.

My doctor recommended the saline nose sprays used to flush sinuses for a healthy alternative to using allergy or cold meds. This way I am flushing out the irritants rather then taking a pill to deal with them. I also used an ear candle/ cone to help remove a lot of the wax that built up in my aching ear.

I also have allergic conjunctivitis. I take daily over the counter preservative free moisturizing eye drops ( eaqualine brand wal marts )for my eye irriations which are just and extension of the allergy problems in my sinuses. Mostly I have found my eyes vary between dry then watery when and allergen is present. If the moisture is kept balanced the eye naturally flushes out the irritants. Occasionally I need to take the over the counter allergy eye drops. But remember the allergy meds make the eyes dry out more excaberating the problem. Baby shampoo will sting a little but also helps remove the yucky stuff from the eyes.

There is much more you can find out about allergy proofing your home and bedding online.

Good Luck! I hope this helps others on this site find healthier ways to feel better!

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